Madison Valley Ranchlands Group

The Madison Valley is home to the Madison Valley Ranchlands Group (MVRG), a 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization. Formed in 1996 by local ranchers, the organization’s purpose is to keep the ranching way of life viable by protecting open space for productive agriculture, wildlife habitat, recreation, and watershed management. MVRG, through its various working committees, has a history of bringing people together to discuss issues surrounding the management of natural resources. This collaborative process has created a forum whereby those interested in the valley may express their concerns and ideas for promoting the valley’s wellbeing. MVRG’s committees include those focused on noxious weeds, wildlife, and growth. Further, MVRG pioneered a coordinated grazing program with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and Montana State University where livestock move across the valley in an effort to reduce the winter feed bill, improve rangeland health, and improve wildlife habitat.