Our Story

Madison Valley Expeditions provides exclusive and exceptional hands-on experiences for our guests.  When searching for authentic “ranching” vacations in Southwest Montana, we discovered a gap.  One can find dude ranches and outfitters galore, but what about the reality of ranching and private land stewardship?  What about the issues surrounding wildlife, conservation, and private lands?  What about the preservation of open space outside of wilderness and national parks?  Where could we find those experiences?  The simple answer was that we could not, and so Madison Valley Expeditions was born.  We looked at the beauty surrounding us in our own backyard and realized that we had something special to offer.

But wait, there is more. . . Madison Valley Expeditions was created by and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Madison Valley Ranchlands Group, a 501(c)3 conservation organization. The business exists to celebrate the valley’s natural amenities by allowing guests access to private ranchlands that they otherwise could not reach. The creation of the business stemmed to help ranchers stay in business by paying them for access to their land.  Ranchers act as true conservationists by preserving open space and combating subdivision and extensive development in rural Montana.  Thus, in a valley rich in ecological abundance and conservation practices, the presence of guests will further contribute to open space and wildlife habitat.

In addition to providing new revenue for ranchers, Madison Valley Expeditions also strives to help build a more cohesive economy for the entire community of Ennis.  This overarching goal will be reached through extending the tourism season through the winter months and incorporating as many local businesses and people as possible in the running of the business.