Madison Valley Expeditions


Wildlife on the move


Wild critters need to move.  Whether from the high country in Yellowstone to the Madison Valley floor, or from Yellowstone to Idaho’s wilderness areas, the Madison Valley hosts abundant movements of wild animals.  Much of this movement occurs through corridors, or open areas where wildlife pass.  This tour features the Madison’s abundant wildlife migration corridors and linkages.  Travel private ranches and see firsthand how ranchers are protecting their land with conservation easements and removing/modifying hundreds of acres of fences to allow increased movement opportunities for the region’s abundant big game animals.   
Price: $175 per person. 


Tours available year round.


The journey begins with a quick drive up to a vista overlooking the entire valley.  See pronghorn migration trails meandering through the valley floor and get an idea of the size and scope of the area.  Next head back down into the valley and travel onto private ranchlands away from any large crowds.  We’ll journey through ranchlands and visit with ranchers regarding their management practices and how they enable the movement of wildlife across the ranch.  We’ll work our way up the valley to see the points where wildlife move from Yellowstone National Park and the high elevation Forest Service lands above the Madison and work their way toward the large wilderness areas in Idaho.  Then, we’ll return to Ennis to complete the journey by afternoon.