Private Ranches, Exclusive Experiences

At MVE the gate is always open. . .

Welcome to our world – of swans and rivers, wolves and elk, mountains and valleys, and big ranches and little towns.  It’s not just for anybody, either.

Madison Valley Expeditions has a unique relationship with area ranchers that gives you unprecedented, exclusive access to private lands near Yellowstone National Park.  Be our guest for hiking, wildlife watching, birding, horseback riding, and visiting ranchers over coffee.  You might discover something new about wolves and cattle, Native American history, wildlife migration, and who knows what else?
Please join us, any time of year, to experience rural Montana through its local characters, wildlife, and scenic beauty, on some of the prettiest private lands in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. 

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Watershed Restoration

View the massive watershed restoration work on lower Madison ranches.


Riding for the Brand

Saddle up and ride


Wildlife on the move

View wildlife migration routes through the heart of Madison ranchlands.